My Fall Skincare Tips!

My Fall Skincare Tips!

I spent many years dealing with very dry skin on my face during fall and into the fall months. In the last 3 years I have found a couple of key steps in my AM/PM routine that have revolutionized my skin health. If you struggle with dry skin, this is for you! Here are my top tips.

  1. It’s okay to wash your face with water only. If you don’t have acne, you aren’t oily or you have sensitive skin, you may be able to skip the soap. Try rinsing your face in the morning with water and use a make up remover at bedtime.
  2. Moisturize twice every day. It’s very important to give your face hydration in the morning and at night. This can be with a basic face moisturizer. I personally love Cerave PM twice a day just for hydration. It’s light and easy to use.
  3. Last and most important, use a vitamin C serum. When I started Revision vitamin C + correcting complex twice a day, my dry skin was eliminated. Since using this product I no longer struggle with dryness even in the most dry fall months.
  4. Don’t forget sun protection. After my Cerave PM, before my Revision Vitamin C, I use Elta MD tinted sunscreen. It gives me the daily protection I need with adding a bit of color too.

As a dermatology PA I realize this routine is not for everyone, but if you have dry sensitive skin, this may really help! Cerave PM is a great moisturizer, both morning and night, don’t forget your Elta MD sunscreen for sun protection and please do yourself a favor and add Revision Vitamin C if you struggle with dry skin. It will brighten skin that feels dull and dry and add a lot of much needed hydration in the MN fall.

If you have further questions or concerns, or if this routine doesn’t work for you, I’m always happy to meet you in the clinic and talk about what may work better for your skin concerns!

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