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Dermatologists are specialized medical doctors who diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, such as skin cancer, psoriasis, acne, and rosacea. If you need help with your skin, hair, or nail woes, our board-certified dermatologists at Clarus Dermatology are here to help!

Our Maple Grove clinic is just a ten-minute drive from Plymouth, while our New Brighton and Otsego Clinics are less than 30 minutes away. Choose the location closest to you and visit our knowledgeable dermatologists for help with your skin, nail, and haircare needs!

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**Please also note that you cannot directly book for procedures. All procedures (surgeries, cosmetic treatments) need to be booked on the phone or by email.

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Our Dermatology Services in Plymouth, MN

If you’re searching for Plymouth dermatology services to address your skin, hair, and nail concerns, look no further than Clarus Dermatology. Our experienced team offers a wide range of services that help with diverse conditions and diseases, from pesky acne to skin cancer.

Medical Treatments

Our medical dermatology services can help address various skin concerns, including:

  • Acne: Acne can throw a wrench in your daily life, with flare-ups causing annoyingly apparent and painful patches of skin. With help from our experienced dermatologists, you can find a solution that works for your skin.
  • Atopic dermatitis: This condition can cause itchy, red, and inflamed skin, in many cases affecting the hands and feet. While there is no cure, our solutions can help keep it in check.
  • Psoriasis: This condition often involves dry, scaly, and itchy skin that can cause constant discomfort. Our treatments, including phototherapy and biologics, can help you keep it under control.
  • Warts: Warts are no fun. With our treatment options, including immunotherapy and destructive therapy, you can leave your warts in the past.
  • Skin growths: Many people have harmless bumps and moles on their bodies. However, when the moles and bumps have unusual shapes, colors, and sizes, they may pose a problem. Our team will evaluate, diagnose, and treat areas of concern to eliminate potential problems.
  • Rosacea: Red, bumpy skin and noticeable red blood vessels, common with rosacea, can become annoying. We offer medical interventions and state-of-the-art laser treatments to help treat it.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatments

Some conditions and diseases, like skin cancer, require surgical intervention. Our board-certified dermatologists regularly handle various surgical procedures, from quick and easy biopsies to extensive surgical repairs.

Some cases require the expertise of our highly vetted sub-specialists in otolaryngology, radiation oncology, or plastic surgery. If your case requires their expertise, our physicians will enlist their help to ensure you get the best care possible.

When surgery isn’t a logical option due to your preferences or needs, our Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy (IG-SRT) services may be a solution. This treatment uses low levels of X-ray energy to target and eliminate cancer cells, allowing healthy tissue to regenerate.

Since it’s a non-surgical alternative, the downtime is minimal, side effects are few, and cosmetic complications aren’t a concern.

Cosmetic Treatments

Our cosmetic procedure and treatment services help you look and feel your best, including:

  • Chemical peel facials for acne, sun damage, and precancerous skin growths
  • Botox
  • Benign growth removal, including moles, lentigines, and angiomas
  • Scar revision
  • Laser treatment
  • Fillers

Aesthetic Treatments

Our handful of aesthetic treatments helps you achieve beautiful, radiant skin, including:

  • Hydrafacials for deep cleansing, extraction, and hydration
  • Dermaplaning to exfoliate the skin and remove excess dirt, debris, and vellus hair
  • Microneedling to minimize scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Superficial chemical peels, including glycolic and salicylic peels
  • Add-on services include:
    • Jade Roller Treatment
    • Under Eye Treatment
    • Revision Orange Peel
    • Revision Black Mask
    • Hydrafacial Britenol Treatment

Why Choose Clarus Dermatology?

At Clarus Dermatology, we’re all about our patients. We strive to help them live happier, healthier lives by helping them address their skin, hair, and nail concerns. We employ cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver exceptional services.

Our kind, experienced team is ready to help you navigate your skin, hair, and nail concerns at one of our multiple clinics located throughout Minnesota. Not convinced? Read what our patients have to say:

“I was impressed with the entire staff with their professionalism and kindness. I loved the ease of scheduling for future appointments and having the billing up front. Esther is a doll, she knows her stuff and puts me at ease, very kind.”

Mary-Jo M. via Google.

“I made an appointment at Clarus primarily to get a second opinion, but was also hoping to finally find a dermatologist who would make me feel like I was being listened to and not being rushed.”

“I saw Erin Layne – she answered all my questions, asked me a lot of questions, and gave me options based on my situation. It was so refreshing to feel heard and prioritized. I will continue with Clarus because of Erin. It was also very easy to make an appointment (online!), even as a new patient.”

Taylor D. via Google.

“Staff was very courteous and professional, clinical service provided was quickly available and of excellent quality. Neil and the entire staff do a great job consistently. Esther is a great healthcare professional.”

David S. via Google.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Plymouth Dermatology Services

Health insurance usually covers medically necessary procedures and treatments. If your dermatology treatment is deemed medically unnecessary and is cosmetic or aesthetic, your insurance provider may not cover it. However, it can vary by policy and provider, so check your insurance policy. 

A dermatologist can help treat a diverse range of conditions and diseases affecting the skin, hair, and nails, including psoriasis, skin cancer, nail issues, rosacea, warts, and acne. The treatment your dermatologist uses to treat the condition will vary based on the type and severity of your condition. 

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions and diseases affecting the skin, hair, and nails. They use various tools, treatments, and procedures to help patients achieve their healthiest skin, hair, and nails.