Cosmetic Portfolio

Before and After Photos

The following are before and after photos of real Clarus Dermatology patients.

Cosmetic Procedures

Medium Depth Chemical Peel

37 year old female with Melsama Before and After Medium Depth Chemical Peel.


After filler, her cheeks are more contoured, her tear troughs are resolved making her look awake and refreshed. Her lips are full and her jaw is more in proportion to the rest of her face. It should also be noted that one month prior to her filler I also treated her with Botox on her forehead and glabella.

Multi-Treatments for Aging & Sun Damage

Multi-Treatments for Aging & Sun Damage

In this case our patient, a male in his 60s, desired a natural-looking improvement prior to his son’s wedding. Several treatments were performed within a single “mega” session to reverse the signs of aging and sun-damage: full-face fractional carbon-dioxide laser resurfacing for sun spots and skin brightness, forehead fillers to improve brow position, cheek fillers to reduce jowls and midface volume loss, chin filler to balance the lower face and treat age-related mandibular recession, and full upper-face Botox®. The overall outcome is a fresh, natural, youthful facial profile that is still age-appropriate.


The patient desired an change in the contour of the nose without surgery. In one quick office visit the nasal contour was re-sculpted using Juvederm(TM) filler. There was minimal bruising, no downtime and immediate results. The filler should remain for 12-18 months in this location after which time treatment could be repeated.


This gentleman desired improvement in the blood vessels from his rosacea. After one treatment with the elos PLUS device he saw a dramatic reduction in the redness on his face.


This gentleman suffered from long-standing phymatous change due to rosacea. He was referred to our clinic by a prominent local dermatologist due to our expertise in laser surgery. After one treatment he experience significant improvement in his phymatous change.


In this case our female patient, an executive, felt that the spots on her hands made her look “old” when she would shake hands. One treatment with the elos PLUS nearly resolved the brown spots (macular seborrheic keratoses) on her hands.

Dark Spot Treatment

Our patient desired reduction in the subtle brown spots on her chest so her skin would be clearer when wearing a lower-cut dress. A single treatment with elos PLUS resulted in a reduction in redness, number of sun spots and keratoses on the chest.


This gentleman desired improvement in the blood vessels on his face. After failed treatments with medical spas he sought care at our clinic. After one elos PLUS treatment session he saw a marked reduction in his facial blood vessels.