Why Clarus Dermatology?


All Clarus Dermatology providers are highly trained under Dr. Neil Shah, a dual board-certified Dermatologist, to provide the best care to our patients. Whether you’re coming in for eczema, acne, a cosmetic procedure, or surgery, Clarus Dermatology will always prioritize high-quality, timely and accessible care by the best of the best.

We continue to see unprecedented demand for dermatology services in the Twin Cities, but we don’t believe that patients should have to wait months, or even weeks, to be seen. Your skin’s health is important and we strive to get patients seen as soon as possible, most often within a week or two.

And lastly, we want to give our patients as much information as possible, which is why we provide an online patient portal where patients can access notes and lab results only 24/7. Save time at the office by verifying your health history, medications, allergies, and demographic information!

Visionary and integrated care

Our provider team is expertly trained in the care of all skin diseases – from simple to complex, pediatric to geriatric, and medical to surgical. If we can see the problem, then we can diagnose and treat the problem no matter where it is on the body.

If further referrals are needed to complete your care, our staff will help you make the necessary appointments through our carefully-selected and regularly-reviewed network of subspecialists.

Good skin care requires tight integration with your other physicians. Our clinical notes are always sent to your referring provider on the same day as your appointment. Often, the fax will arrive in your referring provider’s office as you walk out of our door. And, in the event faxes get lost, your entire medical record is available 24/7 to you via our Patient Portal.