Getting Into Mountain Biking A Lot This Summer

Getting Into Mountain Biking A Lot This Summer

My husband and I are getting into mountain biking a lot this summer. We have really been enjoying getting out and exploring some of the great trails Minnesota has to offer. Our cabin is close to Tioga Recreation Area in Grand Rapids, MN – so naturally we bike there a lot. We’ve also been visiting the various trails within the Twin Cities metro area, but our current favorite is the large Cuyuna system in Crosby and Ironton.

These old iron ore mine pits are great – not only do they have some great vertical height for climbing up and flying down, but they also have gorgeous man-made lakes to enjoy as well. The Portsmouth Mine Pit Lake in Cuyuna is the deepest lake completely in Minnesota – Lake Superior of course being deeper, but not entirely within Minnesota. With a depth over 450 feet deep, the Portsmouth Mine Pit’s exceptionally clear, teal blue, chilly waters offer such a relief from a long day of biking. Last year I purchased an inflatable stand-up paddle board that I love to bring along so that I can enjoy a cool down in the deep waters while my husband continues to bike the harder trails! The DNR stocks a few of the mine pit waters with brook and rainbow trout, so fishing is another draw to the area.

Some of my patients may recall seeing my arms bandaged up recently. Over the July 4th weekend, I thought I would try flying… over my handlebars on a downhill jump run! Not my most graceful moment, but I was very lucky to not break any bones. Just a lot of scrapes, bruises, and sore muscles. Thankfully, with my dedicated use of sun protective clothing whenever I’m outside, I was able to save all but my elbow skin. I think my injuries would have fared much worse had I not been wearing long sleeves and pants. Now in addition to my helmet, I’m learning to ride with elbow and knee pads to avoid any future injuries from “test flights!”

Chelsea Domeier PA-C

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