Who’s injecting you?

Who’s injecting you?

There has been an explosion in the variety, quality and number of physicians and nonphysicians performing aesthetic procedures. These procedures range from laser hair removal to injectable fillers to Botox® and complex laser therapies.

When you trust your skin to an aesthetic practitioner, there are many questions to consider. Be sure to ask the following questions of your aesthetic practitioner prior to undergoing any procedure:

1)    What is your educational level?

2)    What is the extent of your training?

3)    Do you participate in continuing education to keep your skills sharp?

4)    How many of these procedures have you performed?

5)    Am I an appropriate candidate for this procedure?

While many aesthetic practitioners are well-trained and experienced, keep in mind that they do not have to follow the same rules as a board-certified dermatologist; that could mean an increased risk of problems emerging for a patient.

By law, a physician need not be present

In the state of Minnesota, there are no laws that require evaluation by a physician prior to performance of many aesthetic procedures. There are also no laws that require an on-site medical director when non-physicians, often technicians, perform procedures.

The specialty of the physician matters.

Would you want your dermatologist performing your colonoscopy? How about open-heart surgery?

Physicians in the core aesthetic specialties – dermatology, plastic surgery, otolaryngology/ENT/facial plastic surgery and ophthalmology/oculoplastic surgery – have a significant portion of their residency training and continuing medical education devoted to aesthetic medicine. This training covers the gamut of cosmetic procedures, but more importantly, it also focuses on management of complications.

When you choose the proper specialist, you are minimizing your chances of harm. When you choose a board-certified dermatologist, you are putting yourself in the best hands.

Higher quality without higher cost

More often than not, a properly trained, core-aesthetic specialist will perform the same procedure for nearly the same cost as an untrained or under-trained provider. Coupled with a lower incidence of complications, and a higher rate of success managing those complications, the lowest total-cost option is to see the correct provider the first time around.

Aesthetics at Clarus Dermatology

Dr. Shah is a board-certified dermatologist and board member of Doctors for the Safe and Ethical Practice of Medicine, a non-profit organization. All cosmetic patients, regardless of procedure, are seen and evaluated by Dr. Shah prior to any treatment. Dr. Shah personally performs all injections.

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