TCA Peel

TCA Peel

Now is a great time to consider cosmetic treatments and freshen up your look! One of my favorite things to recommend for my patients is a TCA (trichloroacetic acid) medium depth chemical peel. The reason is simple: the results!  The peel works to peel a layer of skin and help brown spots, such as freckles as well as sun damage spot areas including pre cancers. I perform this treatment during the fall, winter and early spring months for cosmetic and medical patients!

One reason I love recommending this specific peel is because I have first hand experience! In 2018 I went through the peel not knowing all I would experience. Swipe right to see some pictures of my process & results!

I included a recent photo of myself (and my fun family!) to show that 4 years later, my skin has stayed clear. Not without the help of my wide brimmed hats and Elta MD tinted sunscreen 😉

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our blog or schedule a visit with me today!

Laura Stanz, PA-C

The peel process

24 hours prior to your procedure you will start taking an antibiotic and antiviral because the biggest risk of the procedure is infection — with this protocol I have yet to have a patient with an infection outcome. You will arrive the day of your procedure 1 hour early to have a numbing cream applied to your face — bring a book or something to do! Through a series of steps, our amazing staff will proceed to get your face ready for the TCA. Once you’re all prepped, I come in for the real fun! I apply the TCA in a thin layer until your face looks like a “frosted flake” — in medical terms, a Rubin II/III frost.

As for the discomfort, I describe it like a rollercoaster. It starts to burn gradually, as you go up it gets intense. Just when you’re thinking, “oh no! What did I do? This hurts!”, it gets better! The burning subsides a little slower than going down a roller coaster, but Everybody gets through it!

After it’s all complete, our staff will apply a thick coat of vaseline which brings cooling relief. From this point on you shouldn’t have much discomfort. You will apply vaseline day and night (put a towel over your pillow) and by day 4, your skin will start to peel!

7 days later, your skin should be just about healed. Prepare to be amazed with a fresh new look!

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