Clinical Rotations

Clinical Rotations

We Love to Teach!!!

Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Students

If you are in the top 10% of your class at a local CMA program contact us to see how we can be the best place to take your clinical rotations.

At Clarus Dermatology, you will learn:

  • Front-office operations;
  • Back-office operations; and
  • Medical, surgical and cosmetic procedures.

Regardless of whether dermatology is your field-of-interest, you will leave at the end of your rotation extremely well prepared. Or maybe you’ll choose to join our team! Email us at to inquire further.

Medical Students

If you are a student at an allopathic residency program, Clarus Dermatology can be an excellent external rotation, regardless of your future specialty. You will gain experience in the practical as well as the administrative practice of medicine. Email us at to inquire further.


Dermatology residents
We accept rotating residents from allopathic dermatology residency programs who are interested in general dermatology or any sub-specialty within dermatology. However, cosmetics and surgical rotations will likely be the most fulfilling. Email us at to inquire further.

Non-dermatology residents
At Clarus Dermatology, we offer an extremely valuable hands-on educational experience. We only accept non-dermatology residents from the family medicine residency program at St. Johns Hospital. If you are a St. Johns resident interested in rotating through our department, please contact us or have your program coordinator get in touch with us. Rotating residents have found this to be an extremely valuable hands-on educational experience. Email us at to inquire further.